Make Your Own

Please choose the size of your plate from the icons below, proceed to the checkout and fill in our Order Form.

You can select your plate colour, character size, and character colour, enter your embossed message and then purchase through our secure checkout.

We can also add a bottom slogan to your plate, eg 'Bob's Pride and Joy'!

PLEASE NOTE - It is illegal to use plates for vehicle registration purposes, that are not purchased through the Dept of Transport in your state/territory.
Therefore we will not produce plates that replicate vehicle registration plate combinations such as the following: 

3 Alpha & 3 Numeric 
3 Numeric & 3 Alpha 
3 Alpha & 2 Numeric 
2 Numeric & 3 Alpha 
Diamonds and State Identifiers will not be used
Orders WILL NOT be processed in any of the above formats 

Check our FAQ page if you have any questions, or if you can't find your answer there, drop us an